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Field trip to Hawkins, Cloward & Simister

I tagged along with the accounting club to visit HCS as I was interested in hearing what kinds of advice they give to potential new hires. I thought the meeting was filled with sage advice. I particularly enjoyed their candid responses, providing input that you wouldn't be able to get during a formal job interview. For example, when providing references or your own email address, make sure it is a professional looking email address! The last thing you want to do is submit a resume with your email address being "huge_flirt@gmail.com". It is little things like this that matter and oftentimes those little things slip through the cracks. Great information even though it was stiflingly hot!

- Joel Helquist


When to Prepare -- Lessons Learned at Hawkins Cloward & Simister, LC

The HC&S activity was most excellent. I learned a lot about preparing to become a CPA and interviewing for internships. I asked a lot of questions, as most there would know, but it helped me realize that I need to get on the ball. The time table for internships, GMAT, a master's degree, and becoming a CPA is very rapid. If you're going to graduate in April or even next April the time is now to prepare. Everyone should plan out when they are doing an internship (mostly available January through April), when you will take the GMAT (suggested to take in October if graduating in April (with 3 months of studying before hand)), what schools are best for your situation, and how hard the CPA exam will be. I graduate in April '09 and the time to prepare really was last summer. This was a great opportunity to get to know a local firm and get a feel from newly graduated students on what to do.

Dave Bushman


The Club Visited Hawkins Cloward & Simister Today

Adam Jones's Reaction to the UACPA Luncheon on 10/22/2008

The luncheon at Magleby's was very pleasant. As I walked in I could tell there were CPAs waiting to be seated, so I started chatting with a couple people around me and was able to talk to the presenter. I sat at a table with another UVU student and several partners from Hawkins Cloward & Simister (HCS), who were all very gracious and excited to see us. Josh G. Rowley, who is the President of the Southern Chapter and a Partner at HCS, had us introduce ourselves.

The presentation was very simple but engaging as the speaker listed numerous important tax updates for the State of Utah. Probably the most interesting development that I was not aware of was that, as of Tax Year 2008, W-2s are no longer attached to State Form TC-40. Instead Form TC-4W is used to document wages, salaries and tips. There is no penalty for attaching W2s in 2008, but starting with Tax Year 2009 tax payers will be penalized for stapling W-2s to their return. 

UVU had a great turnout: Three of us attended, while our sister university to the south somehow lost the memo. Not one showed up from BYU. Do I smell an upset in the making? Maybe not in the next year, but the CPAs I spoke to were all very impressed with UVU grads, who have been hired on to some of the largest firms in Utah. Wolverines are making an impact, one luncheon at a time!

Adam Jones


Andrew Weber's Reaction to Today's UACPA Luncheon

The UACPA luncheon was very informative and it was nice to get out there and see how things we learn in school are applied in the real world. Updates for the 2008 tax year were reviewed and I found interesting the conversation we had on the tax provisions included in the recent government bailout. Overall the experience was great, and you can't beat the free halibut!
Andrew Weber


Quick "Review" of Last Friday's Club Social

Club Vice President Dave Bushman spearheaded the planning and execution of the UVU Accounting Club Social held last Friday. (Thanks, Dave!!!) Prof. Henage and his wife welcomed us into their beautiful home in Springville, and we got the burgers and dogs BBQ-ing right off the bat. (Thanks Prof. Johnson for bringing your BBQ to help things move along faster!) About 45 to 50 students and faculty combined RSVP'd that they would be coming, and I think most if not all showed up, because all we had left was basically carrots, celery, and broccoli.

After most everyone got their food, we announced Amourae Riggs as President-Elect. (See the related post for more info.) Kathy and I shared some of our thoughts about the club and the direction we are heading in. We are very excited for what the future holds! We've got a fantastic group of students and faculty that rival or equal what you will find at BYU, the U, and Utah State (to name a few).

Prof. Henage let us roam the wonderfully spacious house, play walleyball on the indoor racquetball court, watch a movie or Major League Baseball playoff game in the home theater, or just shoot the breeze with each other. Hopefully those who attended the social became more acquainted with each other and made new friends. These associations could very well be the bridge to a new position ten years down the road.

Thanks for a very enjoyable evening, everyone!


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